Star Struck
By Pamela Denise
Nov 6, 2011 - 7:55:26 PM

Once an “it” girl – up and coming British actress Skye Threppel goes from what could have been a promising career to a total introvert. Instead of ringing in the coming months ahead, her New Year begins with a horrible tragedy. An automobile accident robs her of a best friend, her fiancé and a large portion of her memories. Her childhood is now a blur and the only knowledge she has of her fiancé are the photos and information told to her by her friend Felix. During the past eighteen months she has become extremely fond of the television show, Fallen Skies – sometimes feeling as if it is the only thing that has helped her to keep going. She also can’t help but fantasize about the leading actor, Gethryn Tudor-Morgan.

When Felix pops in one day boasting tickets to a Fallen Skies convention being held in Nevada, Skye is in turmoil. Although better than she was, she is still plagued with panic attacks and overwhelming emotions. After a bit of prodding from Felix and the realization that there is a chance to meet Gethryn, Skye decides to make the trip to the US in hopes of continuing the healing process. After some pep talk and a dose of Valium, Skye makes it to her destination. Instead of being swept off her feet by Gethryn when she arrives however, she is helped by writer Jack Whitaker as she is trying to fight off a panic attack.

Jack Whitaker seems to be able to relate to Skye on a level that he hasn’t in a long time. After all, he knows all about living through tragedy. Over the years he’s buried himself in alcohol and writing. The attempts he’s made at living a normal life has only been going through the acts, emotionally connecting with someone impossible. With his own drama unfolding and baggage in tow, the last thing Jack needs is to think about becoming involved with Skye.

As the convention moves into full swing, it becomes clear Gethryn and Jack don’t get along. There is more than meets the eye to the writer/actor tension. Skye also has to deal with the unexpected interest Gethryn shows in her and her developing feelings for Jack. It is also revealed that Felix had his own reasons for wanting to bring her along to the convention. For every step Skye seems to take in the direction of getting her life back and gaining her confidence, hints at her past seem to side step her. As truths are revealed, it comes into question just how valuable memories really are.

STAR STRUCK is a touching story that combines tragedy and angst with optimism and laughter. Author Jan Lovering creates characters that grow on you. The further things progress, the more about each you begin to learn. Each stood out for me as a complex individual with flaws barely concealed under the surface. I picked up the book with a bit of reserve despite my curiosity with the storyline. At mention of a sci-fi convention, I wasn’t sure if I could wrap my head around any slapstick humor, Yoda references, or William Shatner followers. Though the convention is the main setting, Ms. Lovering works it in fabulously. It is not the forefront of the story, just a unique tool to bring all of the characters together. If you enjoy your chick lit with a bit of conflict, humor and romance thrown in, add this to your reading list.

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