Star of His Heart

Author: Brenda Jackson

Publisher: Kimani

Release Date: August, 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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After an accident that killed their famous parents, Rachel Wellesley and her sister were mercilessly followed by the paparazzi. Rachel has avoided the limelight since and she works in the entertainment business, keeping a low profile as the make-up artist for a medical drama that stars Ethan Chambers. Ethan is very interested in Rachel and asks her out repeatedly, but she rejects him time and time again, not wanting to get caught up in his life in the public eye. There’s an instant attraction between Rachel and Ethan, but along with his fame comes reporters and paparazzi, something that Rachel isn’t ready to face.  It isn’t long before she gives in and agrees to see him, but insists upon it being in secret.

Ethan is used to women pursuing him and he’s more than a little surprised when Rachel Wellesley just isn’t interested.  It turns out that Rachel is indeed very interested, but fears that seeing Ethan publicly would thrust her back under constant scrutiny.  She cherishes her privacy, but soon begins to question whether her attraction to Ethan is strong enough to give it up.


I have read and enjoyed several of Brenda Jackson’s books and give STAR OF HIS HEART a strong recommendation. The characters live privileged lives, but their emotions and reactions to each other will be familiar to anyone who has experienced that initial twinge of interest, first date, and eventual falling in love.  Rachel’s feelings about being in the spotlight are well written and Ethan’s understanding and patience is notable. The effort he puts into spending time with Rachel is admirable and touching. If you haven’t read Ms. Jackson, I suggest that you do. If you are familiar with Ms. Jackson’s work, then you won’t want to miss STAR OF HIS HEART!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Laurie

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