Starry Night: A Christmas Novel
By Jo
Oct 27, 2013 - 3:11:56 PM

STARRY NIGHT: A CHRISTMAS NOVEL is a wonderfully romantic story set at my favorite time of year.  It sucked me in from the first page to the last with too many twists and turns to count.  I loved that Sawyer who we've met before in the MIDNIGHT SON series returns in this book and I hope we get to see him and his brothers in future stories along with Carrie and Finn.

I absolutely love Debbie Macomber's stories set in Alaska and this one didn't disappoint.  Her book STARRY NIGHT: A CHRISTMAS NOVEL had vivid descriptions of the frozen tundra, the stars and the lights. It had family and friends, coworkers, sadness and sorrow, heartache, tears, laughter and joy and a lot of surprises along the way. I loved the meals Finn ate (not) but they were definitely creative. Carrie and Finn had nothing in common and she came to meet him by luck with her career riding on their meeting and interview.  Watching their wariness and then the ease that seemed to develop between them along with their bloom of friendship was heartwarming and just seemed right.  I loved how Carrie was able to show Finn that he didn't need to be alone and that he could open up to her and trust her and also with others especially his estranged mom.  It had nice closure that was so unexpected on many levels but a few more chapters would have been nice unless we will be lucky enough to meet up with them again in a future book or books.  This was a book that I didn't want to put down but wanted to know what happened next as each chapter ended.  This was a feel good romance and ultimately there was love that had several unexpected happily ever afters.  

Macomber is one of my favorite authors and I'm always on alert for her new books.  I love that there is always a heartwarming story with family, romance and love.  I look forward to many more books from this very prolific well written author!

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