Stars in Your Eyes

Author: Genene Valleau

Publisher: Awestruck Books

Release Date: February 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Knowing Zach Zacata, the leader of the rock band, Siege, for most of her life; there’s hardly anything that Lauren wouldn’t do for him. When she take on the job as his publicist, in order to not only set some organization to his life, but to be close him – she faces more than an uphill battle, she faces the attraction between them that has never died.

When he collapses right in front of her, this turns out to be a wakeup call – for her at least. Zach gets right back onto the bandwagon and starts throwing lavish parties, which makes her realize that he really doesn’t need her.  She rushes to the one place that she knows is always there to welcome her with open arms – the old Victorian house.


Things are not as simple as both Zack and Lauren would have them, as Zack is in worse shape than he thinks and Lauren has to make a decision about what to do with the rest of her life – and more importantly whether Zack will be apart of it or not?  


STARS IN YOUR EYES is the third in Ms. Valleau’s series of books about three best friends overcoming hurt, heartache and finding that elusive thing we call love.


Lauren and Zack After more than twenty years of friendship are no closer to getting together, than the first time they met years ago. Zack has had a whirlwind life, full of groupies, band changes and sexual innuendos; however he has never committed to anyone, as he has never really gotten over a young girl he met at party years ago.


After a life doing exactly what was expected of her from both her father and then her husband, Lauren has never really has the fairy princess life that one would be expected for someone with her background. The two things she holds dear to her are her memories from her time with Zack years ago, and her son – Matthew.


Faith will always bring things full circle and Zack and Lauren ends up at the one place where they can take it a little slower and attempt to make sense of the madness that is their lives.


Ms. Valleau has ended this series with not only Lauren and Zack experiencing their own share of hell and heaven, but she has also shown the three ladies coming together again to support Lauren in her time of need.


I will miss the Victorian house, as after living through three books in this lovely old house – I have experienced lots of emotional highs and lows just over the threshold of this wonderful house.


The other titles in this series are:
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FEATHERS ON THE FLOOR – Mitch & Julia’s story


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: jhayboy

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