Start Me Up

Author: Victoria Dahl

Publisher: HQN

Release Date: July 1, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Ten years ago, Lori Love envisioned a life of travel and exploring when she set off for college as an international business major. But soon enough she was headed home to Tumble Creek, Colorado, when her father had an accident and is incapacitated for the rest of his remaining life. Now Lori runs the auto body shop he left her and she is slowly going crazy with boredom and restlessness. Lori always wanted more for her life; her dad wanted more for her in fact! So why can’t she find a way to move forward with life? Lori believes a little excitement will be her cure and she sets out to have a steamy affair. But who will be the lucky man?

Quinn Jennings is a successful and wealthy architect who is a bit of a nerd and definitely not a ladies’ man. He can barely remember when he has a date scheduled, let alone who with. But he is more than happy to help Lori on her quest for excitement in the bedroom. He is amazed that she is willing to skip the traditional dating rituals and jump right to bed. Amazed and happy… at first because while Quinn is starting to fall hard for Lori, she is resisting his attempts at greater emotional intimacy at every turn. She will not even call him when her business life seems to be falling apart. Someone is out to get Lori and she does not understand why but she knows she cannot lean on anyone, not even Quinn. As her feelings for Quinn grow, how much longer can she deny their connection?


START ME UP blazes on the romance scene with sensuality and hilarity. Lori Love (and what a fabulous name!) is a character readers will immediately connect with. She feels stuck in her life even as she knows she does not have it that bad. As her father’s death is brought back into her present, it becomes clear to her that something has to change. But will she have the courage to find the change she is searching for?


Quinn and Lori have been friends for a long time but with Lori’s quest to change her life, Quinn starts to see her as more than just a buddy. She is a fabulous date, a woman who can make him smile, who understands his love for architecture and who is more than willing to be adventurous in the bedroom. She is his dream lover but he also wants something more for them. Quinn is a bit old fashioned, much as he may not admit it. Though he is not good at relationships, he still believes in the importance of the connection that love creates and he wants to cherish it with Lori. She is not having any of it though. These two butt heads and hearts with smashing results.


The best part of START ME UP is the honesty that emerges in this relationship. Lori has to truly express all her deepest desires and of course she is a bit nervous at first. But once she lets go, she lets go with gusto and what develops between Quinn and Lori is potent and unique.


START ME UP is going to steam up your summer reading. Victoria Dahl captures the intensity and ardor of a new romance, while also building the emotional tension to a fever pitch. This book is a pleasure to read.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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Romance Junkies Publishing Editor: Sarah W


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