Starting Now - Blossom Street series, Book 10
By Diana S
May 22, 2013 - 7:00:00 PM

Libby Morgan, a young woman who is a lawyer in a high-powered law firm, is trying to make partner. When she is laid-off Libby is devastated because she has nothing else in her life but her work. Hershel, her boss, tells Libby that she needs to discover what life is like away from work.

Phillip Stone is a neonatal surgeon at Seattle General who had a bad breakup in his past and puts forth a brusk attitude to ward off females. In doing so he has acquired the nickname of “Heart of Stone” around the female hospital staff. He is only interested in helping sick babies get well and not a relationship.


STARTING NOW is the tenth and long awaited installment to Debbie Macomber’s BLOSSOM STREET series. It brings back the knitting store, A Good Yarn, and all the characters that revolve around it. Libby has been laid-off for five months and is low on self esteem and friends. Her mother had instilled in her at a young age that she must stay focused on one goal and never waver from her path. Now that it has been taken away from her, Libby decides to reach out to a friend from law school. Libby and Robin meet for lunch to catch up and in so doing end up at A Good Yarn where Robin wants to buy some yarn to send to her mother. Libby remembers going to yarn shops and learning how to knit from her mother on her sick bed. After she lost her mother to cancer, Libby put down her knitting. Now she decides it might help her relax and not worry so much. She meets Lydia and her sister, Margaret, who own the shop. She also meets Casey, Lydia’s daughter, and Casey’s friend, Ava. Ava lost her mother at the same age as Libby lost hers. Libby starts knitting with the girls, making preemie caps for the babies at Seattle General. Libby offers to go with the girls to deliver some caps to the nursery. At the hospital she meets Sharon who talks Libby into volunteering to rock the babies in the nursery.


Libby settles into her new life of volunteering at the hospital, knitting, and enjoying newfound friendships. Libby also meets Dr. Phillip Stone with his rude manners and standoffishness, and decides she doesn’t like him. Throw in some other complications in her life and the book becomes one you can’t put down.


Will Libby ever find what life has in store for her? Will heartache or happiness be her lot in life? I loved catching up with some of the characters from past books in this series. This story made me smile and shed a few tears throughout. This return to BLOSSOM STREET was a long time coming but well worth the wait. Pregnant children, heartbreak, standup friends and a neighborhood straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting, STARTING NOW entertains as anticipated from New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber.

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