Stealing Carmen
By Sarah W
Feb 4, 2008 - 1:59:57 PM

Jack Jones has lusted from afar for his neighbor Carmen for a long time. But because of his job, a dangerous job that could see him killed easily enough, he has never crossed the line and made her his. That changes when he overhears a conversation where Carmen describes her need for a Dominant to take her. Jack's control is broken and he is about to show Carmen that he is the man to meet her needs.

But Jack cannot do commitment, not with his job. Will his priorities change or will Carmen be forced to lose him so soon after finally having his touch on her body?


STEALING CARMEN sizzles and snaps with electricity! Jack is a definite Dominant. He is sexy, charming, dark, a bit edgy but oh so enamored with Carmen. It is a wonder the computer screen did not fog up while reading this book. Carmen has been searching for an emotional connection for a long time now and it is in Jack's arms that she finds what she needs. I loved the sense of rightness that was part of this developing relationship. Truly, it felt natural and tender. Jack may not have had the time or ability to have relationships in the past, but when it comes to Carmen, all bets are off. STEALING CARMEN is erotically sensational!

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