Stealing Scarlett
By Chrissy Dionne
Jan 9, 2008 - 9:18:16 AM

Scarlett Montgomery has finally reached the pinnacle of success.   She’s a Vice President at a respected investment banking firm.   Since it’s a position rarely held by a woman, being strong, independent and dominant is a must to survive in this male oriented business.   Fortunately she has all the traits needed to ensure her success – that is until her boss retires and a man who threatens all her finely honed control.

Taking over his father’s position isn’t something Chase Turner is really interested in doing.   He has no interest in leaving Italy where he’s been busy sorting out the company’s office, but there is one perk that may sweeten the pot just a little – Scarlett.   He shared an intense moment with her on a darkened balcony at a company party three months ago – and still hasn’t forgotten her.


Scarlett never got a good look at the man on the balcony because he was in shadows.   She had already had one glass of wine and was working her way through a second, despite her intolerance to alcohol.   Chase cuts her off before she’s able to fully drink the second glass which doesn’t sit well but she can’t deny that he’s exactly what she desires in a man – strong, dominant and intense.   She make not be able to identify his features, but does know that he’s tall and makes her body tremble.   Even three months after that fateful night she can’t stop thinking about him.  


Scarlett doesn’t recognize Chase from the Christmas party but he certainly remembers her.   Though he doesn’t clue her in on their past meeting, he does take great pains to ensure his dominance over her including procuring her car and securing an apartment near her.   Scarlett is helpless to resist his every advance and what’s worse; her complete lack of control where he’s concerned terrifies her.   With no other way to escape the emotional overload she’s experiencing due to Chase, Scarlett does the only thing she can think of – she quits her job and books herself a flight to Paris.   Only Chase takes notes of her plans and without her consent makes some major changes.   Will his plans help Scarlett to see that he genuinely cares for her and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with her giving in to her submissive nature?   Loving him has nothing to do with her job but can she differentiate between the submissive woman she is with him and the dominate side of herself she shows at work?


I simply adore strong feminine characters in storylines but the male characters have to possess a dominating yet loving presence as well.   With STEALING SCARLETT, Isabella Snow delivers on all my expectations and then some.   I could have happily cursed Chase right along with Scarlett while at the same time cheered for him each time he acted on his instincts and pushed her past her comfort zone.   This is a fun book to read simply because neither of the characters caves in gracefully despite the sexual tension that continues to build between them.   If you’re looking for a sexually charged tale with a little dominance thrown in for good measure then be sure to pick up a copy of STEALING SCARLETT.   It’ll have you longing for a man like Chase for your very own.   Beautifully written Ms. Snow!

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