Stealing the Moon & Stars
By Mandy W
Jul 28, 2014 - 3:40:00 PM

Jordan Welsh decided not to follow the footsteps of her family and starts working as a private eye instead. Jordan finds herself partnered with Eddie Marino, who she is very attracted to and she finds great difficulty keeping things professional. They are hired to find out who is stealing from the Moon & Stars Children Foundation, a charity for sick kids. As the case starts coming together, they find themselves crossing paths with Eddies past, which is a lot more dangerous than expected.

I didn’t think that I would like Jordan because she has a trust fund and has a love for shoes, but she is such an independent woman that can take care of herself and I admire that. I also have a bit of a crush on Eddie, because he’s a bit of a bad boy, but he’s also a gentleman. From the start I found myself rooting for Jordan to stop fighting the attraction.

I had some reservations starting this book, because I’ve read books about private investigators before, but STEALING THE MOON AND STARS is nothing like I expected. My expectations were exceeded and then some. The romance was skillfully woven into the story as the pair chased danger down.  This is a fast paced action story with a twist at every turn. I gobbled this book up in one sitting.

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