By Gayle
Sep 15, 2012 - 4:04:01 PM

Vincent Wade wants to change the world by genetically altering plants to more effectively feed people. He’s a dedicated college student but because his best friend backed out on being his roommate, he needs to work full time. He’s overworked, tired and out-of-sorts when he and star quarterback Carson Cress have a disagreement at the campus copy shop. Vince doesn’t have a clue that Carson’s actually attracted to him. Despite Vince’s doubts, Carson’s ready to steamroll into Vince’s life and won’t take no for an answer. Can Carson‘s football future survive being with a man? What happens when
Carson gets severely injured, and his family learns about their relationship? Can the distant and reserved Vince believe in a lasting love?

STEAMROLLER is the newest release by multi-published author Mary Calmes. I’ve been waiting for this one since I read the blurb the first time. It sounded like a book I’d enjoy and I was right. It’s a fast paced, fun, entertaining read that’s filled with snappy dialogue and a lot of attitude from Vince. He’s one of the best things about this sweet novella. Unlike the heroes of Ms. Calmes’ other books, Vince, as a main character, doesn’t start off as the friendliest of guys. He has a sharp-wit that goes along with an equally tart tongue that hides a much softer inside. He and his situation definitely grows on you as the story progresses.

Surprisingly, Carson—the big, burly football player—is actually much nicer, making for a good balance with Vince. Their meeting/confrontation is well done. I could almost see the scene in my head—good job, Ms. Calmes. As much as I enjoyed Carson and his enthusiasm, I didn’t feel like I knew as much about him as I did Vince. I had a good feel for the superficial, the football face the other students saw, but not what made Carson tick. It’s not surprising since the story comes from Vince’s point of view.

Secondary characters are few and fleeting. Vince’s friend Matt stays around the most until near the end when Carson’s mother becomes a prominent player. Her personality isn’t well developed, but her role in Carson and Vince’s life is. There is a great scene with her telling off her husband. Well, I’ve rambled on long enough. I enjoyed STEAMROLLER, and I hope you will too.

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