Steamy Rebellion
By Shayla
May 1, 2005 - 8:05:00 AM

On her way to her new job in Rebellion, Ohio, Renee spots a beautiful white stone house. While looking at the house Renee notices movement behind a steam covered window, it's a naked man. She fantasies about the man never knowing he is her new boss Rick Loman. On her first day of work she meets a handsome man and agrees to have lunch with him, finding out that he is her boss and he's single. She just divorced one man and isn't looking for another. Rick asks for her help on a case and Renee agrees to help never knowing where it will lead. A woman calls while Rick is in the shower, wanting to talk to Rick. Renee automatically assumes that the woman is a girlfriend of Rick's. She now believes that Rick is just like her ex-husband.

Rick Loman is a forty year old lawyer. He is overworked and tired. He spends all his time working on his cases. He finds out that a friend is dying of cancer and decides to rethink his life and what he wants. He sees Renee and is instantly attracted. He wants Renee. Rick has a hard time trying to get Renee to see that he is not like her ex-husband. Does he succeed? Does Renee learn to trust Rick?


STEAMY REBELLION is excellent. Ms Neeley did a wonderful job of creating the steam between the characters. STEAMY REBELLION is exactly as stated, steamy.

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