Stepping Through Seagrass

Author: Linda Bilodeau

Publisher: ArcheBooks Publishing Incorporated

Release Date: October 19, 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Dr. Kate Anderson is a recovering alcoholic. She is fired from her job due to giving a patient the wrong dose of medication and drinking on the job. Now she needs to find a job. She has lost everything that is dear to her, her son and husband, both died in a car wreak. Kate finds a job and a new life in Immokalee, Florida as a doctor on the reservation. But she has lost her privileges to work at the hospital.  The area is rural and her patients are Seminole Indiana and migrant farm workers.  Kate is committed to staying sober and getting on with her life.  But first she must deal with her past life and the things that are holding her back. Her therapist and AA help to keep her from falling off the wagon but there are truly only two people who can help her, they are Kate and Tommy Tiger. Tommy is the medicine man for the Indian tribe and he resents Kate at first. But as time goes on Tommy changes his mind and sees what good Kate has done for the reservation. Will Kate want a relationship with Tommy? Will this help her stay safe from falling again for the booze?


STEPPING THROUGH SEAGRASS  by Linda Bilodeau is a book that everyone should read. It gave me a reality check on what liquor can do to a life. Kate found new friends and people who were willing to help her with her disease. There are so many people in this story who make it so special and deserve to be mentioned but I'm only allowed so much space so you'll have to pick up a copy and read this book for yourself. They all were very helpful to Kate to get her life back on track. and they have trouble in their own lives that Kate helps them with.  I loved this story and it hit a personal spot in my life that I had forgotten about. I plan on buying the print so I can read it again and again. Thank you Ms Bilodeau for a book that will stay in my heart forever and I am looking forward to reading more of your books in the future.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Terri

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