Still Life In Chocolate
By Carol
Oct 1, 2005 - 1:49:00 AM

At the bottom of the mountains near Hershey, Pennsylvania, live two people who know each other through and through. Having known each other since they were seven, Kes Harper and Rune Wheeler grew up together,  even moving in together as adults and became roommates. Sometimes, they were lovers. However, as Rune strove to deny his love for her, it churned like a knife in his gut how much he truly wanted her for himself. Kes didn't believe in commitment and Rune stunk at relationships. Sam Madison, a new man about town, blew into Kes's life like a scent on the perpetually cocoa-scented breeze that just would not go away. The passion between them was volatile and all consuming. However, Sam was deeply anguished by a tragic love affair and while his body opened to Kes, his heart is invariably locked shut.

Kes is hard put to decide between what is in her heart and what is in her head. Her past has created a deep-seated fear that it will rear its ugly little head to destroy her uncertain future. Can she live without the one man who has done nothing but love her unconditionally and stand by her through every failed relationship? The harsh reality was almost too hard to accept. After all, Kes was used to being in complete control of her life. What was it going to take to get her to relinquish some, if not all of that control and give in to fate?


This reviewer was thoroughly tantalized by this highly erotic story. The book exudes carnal lust and fantasy-laden pleasure. Like chocolate, its decadent and addictive taste is hedonistic. There is such raw soul-baring emotion within its pages. There were moments when the heat rose, moments when the heart palpitated a little too fast and moments where tears came to my eyes. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Boyer's splendid stories.



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