Still Life With Husband

Author: Lauren Fox

Publisher: Knopf

Release Date: February 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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After nine years together, Emily and Kevin are in a standoff over their future, and the strain is taking a toll on their marriage.  Kevin wants three children, a house in the suburbs, and he wants it now.  Emily doesn’t – she likes their city apartment, and views the babies and toddlers she suddenly sees everywhere as aliens bent on world domination.  Quite simply, babies terrify her.  Her best friend Meg is blissfully pregnant, and instead of joyfully anticipating the baby, Emily secretly feels that the impending birth will mean losing her closest friend.

During one of their regular morning coffee meetings, Meg teasingly points out a handsome young man who keeps staring at Emily.  The man, David, strikes up a conversation with Emily, and they find out they’re in the same line of work – she’s a freelance writer for women’s magazines, he’s a writer for a local newspaper.  David gives Emily his phone number and e-mail address, inviting her to call him, and maybe do some work for his newspaper.  Meg feels that Emily crossed a line accepting his phone number, but Emily doesn’t feel she did anything wrong - well, except fail to tell David she’s married.


Emily takes a hard look at her marriage, and while she loves Kevin, she doesn’t like what’s happened to them.  Kevin is obsessed with his job and having a baby, and Emily often feels taken for granted.  Her stale marriage makes her miss the passion of newfound love, and keeps her thoughts returning to David.  It wouldn’t hurt to meet with him, just about the job offer, right?  And there’s nothing wrong with a married woman having a single male friend, right?  Emily’s confusion about her marriage and crush on David ultimately take her on a journey that will change her life forever.


STILL LIFE WITH HUSBAND is a humorous and realistic look at the often messy and troubling world of marriage.  The author’s voice and ideas are fresh and definitely not the standard romance script – the characters deal with everyday problems, choices, and consequences.  Emily’s take on marriage, fidelity, and life in general is candidly written with an often laugh-out-loud sarcastic sense of humor.  Her confusion and doubts are clearly felt, making her character likeable even as she struggles with the morally right and wrong.   Readers will enjoy this funny yet serious story, a wonderful debut novel for author Lauren Fox.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Leigh

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