Still Thinking of You

Author: Adele Parks

Publisher: Downtown Press

Release Date: November 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Tash has always known she’ll find ‘the one’, completely believing in happily-ever-after.  Rich has always been doubtful he’ll fall in love, thinking he just isn’t wired for that kind of two-way intimacy.   When the two meet, it’s love at first sight.  Their relationship has everything - hot sex, long talks, shared interests, and dreams for the future.  While Rich openly wonders how they can keep their relationship this good, Tash feels that with complete honesty and respect they can’t go wrong.  Two months after they first met, the confirmed bachelor and the free spirit become engaged.

When Rich introduces his best friends to Tash, it’s definitely not love at first sight.  The group has been close friends since university, enjoying privileged backgrounds and going on to respectable, lucrative careers.  The thirty-something’s lifestyles reflect their wealth, social status and achievements.  Tash – younger, prettier, middle-class, and more interested in pop-culture than foreign films – doesn’t fit in.  Still, Tash feels the need to try to connect with the people who are such a part of Rich’s life.  As a result, the happy couple’s plan for a private wedding on the slopes of an exclusive French ski resort becomes a week-long getaway for the entire group.


No one is ever entirely what they seem, and as the week progresses, the friends discover that they don’t know each other as well as they thought.  Secrets are forced out into the open, and Rich fears that an undisclosed past affair has become a secret with the power to destroy a relationship built on honesty.


This novel is a wonderful look at a longtime group of friends’ relationships, both romantic and platonic.  The author does a good job showing the differences between people’s public personas and true selves, as there is a notable difference between the character's actions and their private thoughts.  I enjoyed seeing how the addition of a new face and perspective was the catalyst to change this group of friends’ habit of hiding their wants from each other in order to present a facade of what is expected.  Introspective, witty and sensuous, this well-written novel will keep you engrossed to the end.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Leigh

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