Still of the Night
By Sherri Myers
Sep 23, 2003 - 10:54:00 PM

Jill Runyan had loved Morgan Spencer since high school and knew she always would. She had tried to move on with her life after giving up their newborn on the day of its birth, but she came to realize no one would ever be able to take his place in her heart. She had tried to replace her baby's loss by working with other people's children in a special ed school, but the baby's memory always remained in a corner of her subconscious.

Morgan Spencer was a self-made man. He had taken his knack for solving problems and turned it into a profitable business, becoming independently wealthy. He was good at fixing people's personal lives too, but didn't seem able to fix his own. He just couldn't get over Jill Runyan's betrayal and callous abortion of their baby. Her parents had told him never to see her again and their child was gone forever. Why wasn't he even asked his opinion on the subject? He had been raised to believe abortion was wrong and couldn't understand how Jill could so easily throw away the life of their child.

When Jill receives a phone call from her baby's adoptive parents, all the pain and heartache return in full force. She is told that her daughter has a virulent form of leukemia and will not survive without a bone marrow transplant, and even then the chances of survival were only 10-20%. Jill rushes to Kelsey's bedside and immediately schedules the tests that would determine her compatibility. Unfortunately, the tests came back unsuitable and she was left with the one option she feared-telling Morgan his daughter still lived, but for how long was the question. Could she find the courage within herself to tell Morgan the awful truth and convince him to help save their daughter's life?

THE STILL OF NIGHT was one of the most moving and dramatic books I have ever read. Kristen Heitzmann's wonderful flair for the written word wound me into the story so tightly I felt as if I were living Jill's life story. This book was so very touching there were times I had to dry my tear-filled eyes before I could continue reading. This book was one of deceit and anguish, but also one of strong courage and hope. Faith in God plays a major role in the choices the characters make and Kelsey's innocent trust in Jesus and His angels was uplifting. I strongly recommend this book to anyone wishing for a spiritual breath of fresh air, but be prepared to be moved to tears more than once. I certainly was.

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