Stocking Stuffer: Christmas for Eve
By Amanda Haffery
Mar 5, 2007 - 11:14:00 AM

Eve and Val have been best friends for quite a while. Nevertheless, since Val started her blog, The Blog Bitch, things have been getting weird between them. However, all Val's been doing is bashing every author she reads. Unfortunately, Val's new target is Eve's boyfriend, erotic author Steven, aka Adora LaFortune. Eve is fed up with Val and her snootiness to both her boyfriend and other authors. All the same, she has other things to occupy her mind and her body.

Steven is everything a woman could dream of; sexy, dominant, alluring, and the man writes erotica. How much better can you get? How about a man who is also willing to overlook your best friend's meanness? Although Eve knows how she feels about Steven, there's something he’s holding back from her. Eve is willing to accept anything about Steven; he's everything she's ever wanted in a man. What is it that Steven's been keeping from her? And, when Eve finds out what that secret is, will she still be able to accept and love Steven?

Holy hot flash batman! This story will light you on fire and leaving you smoldering long after you're finished. Michele Bardsley is the Goddess of erotica in my opinion. She is one of those rare gems that know how to draw you in until you feel like you're the main characters, and having all the fun. As always, Ms. Bardsley can write no wrong in her stories. Everything about STOCKING STUFFER: CHRISTMAS FOR EVE was phenomenal; the plot, the sex, the ending. My favorite thing about Michele Bardsley's book is that you always get your amazing ending. I cannot wait to read another story from Michele Bardsley.

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