Stocking Stuffer: Dinah's Christmas Desire
By Chrissy Dionne
Jan 10, 2007 - 6:12:00 PM

Dinah received her deepest desire when she became lovers with her best friends, Taylor and Ian, in Mechele Armstrong’s DINAH’S DARK DESIRE. It’s Christmas time and Dinah has a new desire but first she has to convince Ian that they should all stay home.

Ian, Taylor and Dinah are preparing to attend a Christmas Eve party but Dinah has other ideas for how she’d like to spend the evening. Taylor offers to zip up her zipper but since she’s not wearing her dress yet, he opts to help her with other things. All he succeeds in doing is giving her good reason to want to stay at home.

Because Ian’s already dressed for the evening Dinah figures that there’s no chance of convincing Ian to stay home. He hands presents to both Ian and Dinah that he wants them to wear to the party. It’s Christmas Eve and Ian believes that everybody should get to open one present the night before Christmas. He just chose which ones they’ll get to open. His gift and the lingering desires among the three of them spiral out of control. Will Ian cave in and accept the inevitable - DINAH’S CHRISTMAS DESIRE of making magic under the mistletoe is exactly what they all truly want after all?

Readers of DINAH’S DARK DESIRE will love getting this chance to revisit Ian, Taylor and Dinah with this interlude of a story. The passion between this threesome is just as hot now as it was in the first book. In only fifteen pages, Mechele Armstrong gives us a fun fast paced interlude with beloved characters that gives us hope for their future.

I’d strongly suggest picking up and reading a copy of DINAH’S DARK DESIRE before reading this one. It’s not really necessary, but you’ll miss all of the emotional attachment that made this threesome so special to me.

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