Stolen by the Sheikh
By Chrissy Dionne
May 5, 2008 - 2:56:43 PM


Lady Christine Langtry has found herself in a most unseemly predicament.  She made the trip to Casablanca to aid her husband in securing a way to improve their stock of horses with the hardier Arabian breed.  Once she arrives she learns that her husband sold her to the sheikh after getting caught stealing horses.

Sheikh Zafar bin Hassan has no qualms about taking what belongs to him - even if the possession in question is a disgruntled woman.  He’s a respected man and the ruler of his desert tribe.  At first it’s only out of revenge and lust that he insists on her staying with him but he soon comes to admire her spirit and desire her in his life for far more personal reasons.


Christine didn’t learn about her husband’s death until she was already on her way to Casablanca.  It was an arranged marriage and she’s definitely not heartbroken at his untimely demise.  Her only concern is getting the prime horseflesh he obtained back to England so that she can hopefully secure her financial future without her husband.  The last thing she expects is to be snatched right off the street by a man claiming that she’s to satisfy her husband’s debt.  Completely at his mercy, Christine’s amazed at the sexual attraction she feels and decides that there’s nothing wrong with indulging in her long denied desires.  Her assumption that he’d release her afterward proves to be wishful thinking because he takes her to his palace and adds her to his harem - a fact that does not sit well with his mother who overseas Zafar’s women.


STOLEN BY THE SHEIKH is a fast paced historical short story that is sure to capture a reader’s attention right from the first page.  I love the fact that Christine never cowered from Zafar and can certainly hold her own in a confrontation with him.  Zafar is as bold and cocky as I’d imagine a sheikh to be and I loved getting to know him.  Marianne Lacroix incorporates humor, passion, plenty of sexual tension, and even a bit of suspense into this charming heartwarming story.


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