Stone's Prisoner
By Natasha Smith
Aug 15, 2008 - 9:23:34 PM

One year ago Valerie and Stone were the perfect couple.  In love and committed to each other, they looked forward to being with each other the rest of their lives – until the day Stone walked into their bedroom and found Valerie in bed with a business rival.  Stone’s anger got the best of him and he adamantly refused to listen to Val’s protestations of innocence.  Divorcing her and leaving her with nothing but the home their shared and her business, it has taken Stone months to plan his revenge.  He has one thing left to do – kidnap Valerie and make her tell him why she betrayed him.

Valerie has strived and struggled to put this horrendous year behind her.  Divorcing Stone broke her heart and crushed her world.  To top it off, Valerie has had to sell her house and business to get her mother medical care.  After months of no communication, Stone shows up at her store late one Friday evening and Valerie questions his reasoning behind the surprise visit.  When he handcuffs and kidnaps her, she questions his sanity.


Jade James has written an emotional tale of mistakes and lack of communication.  More than once I wanted Stone to just stop and think about how much Valerie loved him.  She never stopped loving him and it showed in the way she looked at him.  Stubbornness aside, I must admit I could see Stone’s predicament.  No man likes to be betrayed, especially not one as alpha and in control as Stone.  His determination to remain indifferent to his ex-wife proved tougher for Stone than he thought.  Add in a naughty cousin willing to help rock Valerie’s world and my temperature rose with each page I read.  Well written love scenes and highly emotional characters blended together to a form a superb love story, one I will read over and over.   


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