Storms in a Shot Glass
By Alane
Mar 16, 2010 - 10:47:33 PM

Jane Smithers is utterly shocked when she hears two little words from her doctor: "You're pregnant."  She's protected by birth control shots, and she can't even remember the last time she was with anyone. When hazy memories of drunken New Year's revelry and a one night stand with a neighbor she normally wouldn't have looked at twice begin to surface, Jane realizes how she got herself into this mess.  Now what?  Well, baby or no baby, Jane has a job to do.  She's the personal assistant to a high-powered bank executive, and Umberto Rinaldi depends on her to keep things running smoothly.  She'll have to figure out a way to get through the morning sickness, doctor visits, and baby preparations on her own.

Michael Rinaldi does not like the fact that his estranged father has been in touch with his mother lately.  What's the best way to warn the man off?  Michael's personal assistant takes care of almost everything for him.  Why not let his father's own PA know Michael expects his parents to be kept apart, whatever it takes.  When he shows up at his father's office, Michael expects Jane Smithers to be a cold, ruthless barracuda.  Instead, he finds himself facing a vulnerable, pregnant woman who looks out for the people around her, first; herself, last.  And Michael wants to be the one to help her.  He knows his own mother doesn't think he'll ever be ready to put someone else first.  Michael wants to show he's capable of caring for another person.  Why not take Jane Smithers and her baby-to-be under his wing?


Jane doesn't understand why Michael is working so hard to help her.  She isn’t his responsibility, and neither is her baby.  He certainly doesn’t seem to need anything from her.  So why would a man like he be willing to let the world believe she’s carrying his baby, no matter the consequences to himself?  Jane has always been independent and self-sufficient.  How can she let someone take care of her?  If she begins to count on Michael, things will only be worse when he gets tired of playing protector.  But what if Michael isn’t playing?


STORMS IN A SHOT GLASS takes place in the world of the rich and famous, but that only adds another dimension to the problems Jane faces as a pregnant, single woman.  Although Jane is financially well-off, she prefers to work.  I love that she’s a mother hen to everyone around her, both at work and in her personal life, without fully realizing it.  Jane takes care of everyone around her, but doesn’t know how to accept help when she needs it herself.  I hoped she would learn to trust Michael and let him not only help her through a tough time in her life, but give him a chance to go the distance.  Michael may have started out looking to prove he could care for someone other than himself, but it quickly became quite personal.  Jane wasn’t just some charity case.  I hoped Michael could convince her that his feelings and intentions were genuine.  I hoped Jane would allow herself to find happiness, and I hoped it would be with Michael.  Jane and Michael are the kind of strong, independent heroine and sexy, devoted hero I like best.  Secondary characters and the atmosphere of fame and wealth added fullness to the story without losing the focus on Jane and Michael.  I will definitely be looking for more from Nolwynn Ardennes.

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