By pamelalynne
Jan 1, 2013 - 12:16:05 PM

Undercover cop Nick Lamento's latest assignment did not go anything like he had planned. That is how he finds himself with a gunshot wound and on the run from the law. When he sees ER nurse, Keri Merritt's, vehicle, he quickly formulates a new plan. It is all over town that she is leaving town for a vacation, and what better means of escape than hitching a ride with the local sheriff's daughter. Surely, no one will think to check her vehicle at a roadblock.

Keri needs some time to herself, away from her meddling family of police officers. She is headed to her family cabin to try to remember more about the accident that killed her mother and left Keri scarred in more ways than one. Lately, the events have been coming back to her and she is determined to discover what really happened that fateful night. What Keri does not know is that she is about to be in for an even bigger surprise.

Keri is unloading her vehicle when finds Nick passed out in the back. She gets him into her cabin and forces him to spill the beans. It takes a while to get the details out of him, but as soon as she does, she suspects that he might be telling the truth. There is something big going on in her own hometown and Keri is convinced that she can help Nick get to the bottom of things. She had best keep a close guard on her heart if she does not want to lose it.

STOWAWAY is an incredibly descriptive novel. I became involved from the very first chapter. Keri and Nick are two very opposite people, but when they come together sparks fly. Keri is a heroine to be proud of, tough as nails, stubborn, and extremely bright. She will not let anyone stand in her way when it comes to doing what is right. Nick is a man's man, solid, steady, and willing to go the extra mile to do his job. He is a cop that would make anyone proud. I cannot wait to read Becky Barker's next novel.

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