Straight Up
By Sarah W
May 1, 2010 - 11:08:35 AM

Liam O’Brien is trying to make due in Ballycraig, Ireland. It is no Manhattan, that is for sure, but it is not safe for him to return to New York City yet. Not with the Irish mob still holding a grudge. He will just have to make do. Then, Liam meets Aislinn McCafferty, a local sheep farmer. She is abrupt, rude, and resists his charms very easily. Liam is intrigued and makes a bet with his boss that he can make Aislinn fall for him. Now, the game is on, only Aislinn is not aware of what is truly happening.

After being badly hurt by her ex-fiancé, when he told her he was gay, Aislinn is very wary of men in general. She has no plans to ever fall in love again and treats Liam with suspicion and exasperation. But he is not going anywhere. He takes interests in her sheep, does not seem to mind when her wellies are caked with mud, and kisses like the devil himself. Aislinn soon finds herself falling hard for the Yank. But what happens when the true reasons for Liam’s courtship are revealed?

STRAIGHT UP would not be half as fun if it was not for Aislinn. She does not take any of the baloney the town throws her way. Yes, she is definitely a bit tough around the edges but inside she is incredibly vulnerable and she slowly shows that side to Liam, with extreme care. Her heart is a precious commodity and she has already had it tramped upon once. For his part, despite the bet, Liam soon realizes how in the wrong he is. He has only had casual flings with women and Aislinn tempts him like no other. She also makes him take a hard look at his life. He yearns for home but soon, he is also yearning for Aislinn. This is the story of how Liam grows up and how Aislinn learns to open her heart once more. These two have a lot to go through together, but watching them fall in love is pure magic.

STRAIGHT UP rebounds with energy, Irish humor, a little melancholy but also plenty of love and happiness. Aislinn and Liam take a chance on love and it pays off in spades.

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