By Tasha Lewis
Oct 19, 2003 - 1:05:00 AM

Ciara has been tricked! Her sister, Molly, has left her in a sensualist playground called a cabin, in the middle of nowhere to work out her differences with the bane of
her existence, Ross, before Molly’s upcoming wedding. Ciara may not particularly like Ross’ arrogant playboy ways but that doesn’t stop her from secretly fantasizing about him. The man is too sexy for his own good. Maybe being stuck with the man that makes your body go haywire isn’t such a bad idea?

Ross can’t believe his luck. He knows that getting Ciara alone is just the beginning to seducing her, to get her out of his system. His body is tied in knots already just thinking of the week to come. Will a week be enough to exorcise her from his fantasies, so he can go back to his Casanova ways?
What happens when two people trapped together in a hedonist retreat let their guard down and get to know the real them, the people they hold apart from everyone else?
A sybaritic cabin filled with carnal and sensual delights is the setting for this erotic and touching story of two people stuck in roles that neither wants to play anymore. This is a highly charged story that will leave you breathless and sighing for more.
Arianna Hart delivers a story that I crave in a romance novel. I search for books that touch me. Make me laugh, cry or both, and I’m all yours. She gave me what I desire with style and flair. Stranded will light a fire in you that will keep you warm all winter long.

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