By Jenn L
Oct 8, 2007 - 2:02:52 PM

India Powers should feel like she has it all, yet she knows that her life is not as perfect as it seems. She is never good enough in her parents’ eyes, from her choice of job to ending her engagement she can never please them. They can’t see that finding her fiancé cheating is reason to call off the wedding. All they see is that she is throwing away the “perfect” husband. She needs a release and escape, and a trip full of sun and sand is just what she needs.

Rafe Santiago is finally free, his divorce is complete and he hopes that he can begin to move on with his life. He and his best friend Grant Thompson are off on vacation. They want sand, sun and a woman willing enough to accept what they have to offer. As close as brothers, they’ve discovered that to be happy they need to find the woman that can complete their threesome. Not just for one night—they want the one woman they can share for a lifetime.


Plane trouble and fate have these three surviving a plane crash. Forced to rely on one another while stranded God knows where, India discovers that it’s possible to lust after and eventually love two men. Will the reality of the real world ruin all that they’ve built, or will love, even one that seems taboo, conquer all?


Ms. Vaughn pens a novel so hot and sexy that it left me breathless on more than one occasion. However, aside from that, we have a tale of love conquering all and that is really the point. So many lines are blurred in STRANDED that you are forced to focus in on the one thing that is constant throughout it. STRANDED is not your conventional boy meets girl, girl falls in love with boy and then they marry and live HEA. It shows us that love comes in all forms, shapes and colors, without prejudice or conditions.


STRANDED is a well-written emotional tale of the power of love, the frailty of the human heart and desire to be accepted for who we are. Grant, Rafe and India are so complex and in dire need of love and watching as they find it together was pure bliss.


Ms. Vaughn has produced a ménage book that is so believable and full of incredible depth that I can’t recommend it enough.


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