Strange Attractions

Author: Emma Holly

Publisher: Berkley Sensations

Release Date: October 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: PRINT

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has worked as an assistant for his best friend, BG, who is a reclusive millionaire scientist, for years.  He knows his routines, and is grateful for the chance his friend gave him long ago. His job sometimes involves doing some pretty unusual things, but he loves it.  One of the perks of being BG's assistant is somehow getting BG's next sexual experiment to agree to his terms. He's always involved in the process, and he loves it.  This time, BG has decided to do something a little different and have Eric pick the subject.  Eric picks Charity and they both end up with more than they imagined.

Charity is a tough customer who is determined to get a college education.  She's had plenty of failures in her many different jobs because she can't seem to stay focused long enough to get to work on time and finish anything. Not only that, but the fates seem to conspire against her, making her late all the time, including this morning. When she meets Eric , she thinks he's nuts for proposing that she become a sexual experiment, but is willing to think about it.  After all, he's a well known person, what harm could there be in giving what they ask?

STRANGE ATTRACTIONS is a story that is told in the first person, and most of the time through Charity’s eyes. There are times that BG and Eric tell their thoughts, and somehow Emma Holly manages to blend it all together into a story that is fun to read. BG needs Eric to keep him grounded to the real world, and Eric needs BG to keep him sane.  These two men are lovers as well as friends. Charity is a sensuous woman who tells it like it is and has no problem doing so. When Emma Holly writes a sex scene, make sure to have the ice around, because you are going to need it. There are some theories in the book that I found pretty interesting.  You shouldn't miss this one.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Julia

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