Strange Attractions
By Claudia McRay
Jan 1, 2006 - 12:10:00 PM

In this story, we’re introduced to Charity Wills.  She’s had a rough life and wants something better than what she had living with her mother.  They were constantly moving as her mother went from place to place and one man to another.  Charity wants to become a better person and do something good for herself and her own life.  That something includes a college education. 

Charity Wills is constantly late.  No matter what time she gets up in the morning, she’s always late to work.  When she hears her name over the PA system to report to Human Resources, she has a feeling that she’s probably being fired.  What she finds when she gets there is Eric Berne and assumes that he, too, is waiting to see the HR director.  Eric tells her that he’s there to see her.  She thinks Eric is a vendor at Future-Tech and wonders why he wants to see her.  He makes her an offer of a lifetime…a free education.  But at what cost?


Eric Berne is the right-hand man to B.G. Grantham, a genius who also likes to play games with people’s lives.  B.G. is a reclusive physicist and Eric has been his one and only friend since they were young boys.  Most of B.G.’s time is spent in his scientific pursuits, but now it’s time to take a break.  He tells Eric to choose a new candidate.  B.G. likes to control the sex lives of those people invited into his surroundings.


Eric has chosen Charity as the next candidate.  Charity, in her own way, will take the two of them by storm and turn the tables on them.  It’ll soon be her, unwittingly controlling them like chess pieces.


To say anymore would give the story away.  Suffice it to say that Emma Holly has written a book you won’t soon forget.  STRANGE ATTRACTIONS grabs you at the beginning and doesn’t turn you loose until the end.  Her characters are so realistic and the way she words her stories draws you into them.  You’re sitting on the sidelines cheering on the characters or wishing you could offer comfort when they hurt.  Their range of emotions will have you reeling at times.  The visuals are Emma Holly at her best.  This book includes scenes of ménage and is quite graphic.  It’s definitely a must read and a keeper. 

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