Strange Lust
By Lacey
Jan 7, 2007 - 10:07:16 PM

The Cabin

Stevie and Don arrange a short vacation away in a cabin alone together. But their plans didn’t work out exactly they way they intended.

The Work Party (Peter and Susan Part 1)

Peter and Susan meet at a party and decide to leave together. But the elevator ride down proves to be an eventful ride.

The Spotlight  

Sylvia and Bill act out their most lustful desires before a camera.

The Bath  

Becca meets the most wonderful man. But upon Mike’s discovery, will their relationship last?

The Infatuation  

Scott enjoys watching his neighbors during their most private moments, but when he spies on a beautiful woman, Scott may just learn his lesson once and for all.

The Afterglow  

Eugene and Sally spend an erotic evening together.

The Dance  

Ex-lovers Sandra and Vincent share a single dance together for old time’s sake.

The Dirty, Filthy, Cheating Bastard  

Steve has had numerous affairs and it’s up to Lia to stop him… in her own way.

The Edge  

Karen and Mick sneak away for a little time alone.

The Exotic Vacation  

Freddie is having a bad day. That is, until he meets a beautiful woman by the pool that is more than willing to rock his world.

The Urge  

The most unexpected things can happen in the most inopportune moments.

The Affair

A woman explores the internet as well as her most secret desires.

The First Date (Peter and Susan part two)  

Peter and Susan make a pact to learn about one another by going out on a date. Though some of the rules they set have a high chance of being broken.

The Long Distance Love Affair

To Kate, finding love on the internet didn’t seem feasible.   But when she plans to meet Bill, the man she’s been talking with, he’s a little different than what she expected.

The Phone Call

Richard and Janet’s wedding is approaching and the only thing they seem to talk about is the plans for their perfect day. But when Janet calls Richard one day at work, the last thing on her mind is who should sit where.

The Piercing

Rachell wanted nothing but to feel special, to feel normal in her own gothic type world. So when she meets Lars, a Mohawk sporting guy with several piercing everywhere, she thinks she’s found her match.

The Quickie

Pamela and Dale enjoy a quick round of sex.

The Blind Date

Stan and Kelly meet through mutual friends who set them up on a blind date. Needless to say, their union was better than expected.

The Awakening

Floyd decides to wake Ana after arriving home late at night.

The Homecoming (Peter and Susan part three)  

Peter and Susan’s story continues on from their dinner date into a night of undeniable pleasure.

The Island Paradise

Bianca’s trip to a tropical island provides her with the perfect distraction and an excuse to conduct her company business off shores.

STRANGE LUST is an erotic collection of stories about couples coming together for sex. Each couple truly plans for a good time but that’s not always the case, since each story contains its own unexpected twist. I enjoyed the humor that SL Carpenter puts in his writing and the vivid pictures he paints with his words. This is a wonderful assortment of short stories that is guaranteed to make you laugh and sigh as you follow the characters on their erotic journey of lustful desires.

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