Stranger In My Stocking
By Zoe Knighton
Mar 8, 2007 - 3:22:00 PM

With the help of a little magic, two strangers find themselves sharing the same room. Alyson Charmaine is disappointed when a blizzard keeps her from joining her family for Christmas. Luckily, she was able to stay in a luxurious hotel during the blizzard. She longs for the touch of a handsome man she sees in the lobby, but resigns herself to spending a Christmas alone.

Alyson is startled and aroused when she finds a handsome naked man in her room - the same man who caught her eye in the lobby. Feeling daring, she lets go of all her inhibitions and agrees to share the room and her body with the sexy stranger.

Greg Ellington regrets not being able to spend Christmas with his parents at his villa in Spain. Greg is thrilled, when he finds the beautiful woman from the lobby in his room. His eyes devour her body in nothing but a sexy red bra and matching thong. With his arousal obvious, he is delighted to see the same passion in her beautiful green eyes. Together, can they indulge in some of their most wicked fantasies?

STRANGER IN MY STOCKING is a sizzling erotic tale guaranteed to warm you straight to your toes. The electrifying sensuality is softened by a magical sense of playfulness. Cheyenne McCray’s skill for writing erotica with substance is brilliant. STRANGER IN MY STOCKING beautifully combines sexuality, romance and heart. The plot is smooth and together with the voice of the story makes STRANGER IN MY STOCKING a tantalizing delight.

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