Stranger in Town
By Sarah W
Jun 30, 2005 - 7:54:00 PM

The last thing Gabe Holbrook wants to do is become the football coach at his high school alma mater. Ever since the car accident that put him in a wheelchair, he's put football in the past in order to concentrate on walking again, becoming a full man again. But when his best friend presses Gabe to take the position, Gabe can't say no. Things might not be so bad if there weren't so many obstacles in the way of him being a good coach. With Kenny Price on the team, the son of Hannah Price, the woman driving the car that ruined his football career, Gabe's not sure how he's going to handle coaching.

When Hannah Price finds out that the new coach of the football team is Gabe Holbrook, she's not sure what to feel. She still can't get over the accident and what she made him lose, so she bargains with him. She'll cook him some meals in exchange for him driving Kenny home. Not an ideal situation perhaps, but Kenny will be a lot safer with Gabe than with Hannah's ex-husband. Hannah also hopes to subtly bring Gabe back to the world of the living, by getting him out and about in Dundee, rather than just stuck in his cabin. But even the best-laid plans can go awry, and while she tries to stop it, the attraction burning between them is too hot to handle. But both Gabe and Hannah know it can never go anywhere. Besides the fact that there will always be the accident between them, Gabe has plans to go to New York. Of course, an attraction as strong as the one Gabe and Hannah share won't go away easily. Is there any hope for a future that includes a lifetime of together?


STRANGER IN TOWN is the newest in Ms. Novak's Dundee, Idaho series. The small town gossip, intrigues and love affairs are back in full force in this poignant tale of two people who are changed forever due to a car accident. I really liked how, despite the fact that Gabe had good reason to feel bitterness or animosity towards Hannah, he truly didn't. He was so focused on the future, on getting out of his wheelchair that it was almost like he didn't have time to dwell on the past, a fact which I think made the attraction between them easier to take and allowed it to grow quicker than either would have thought possible.


The town of Dundee is always a lot of fun to visit, and STRANGER IN TOWN is no different. Despite their differences and the individual problems both were facing, Hannah and Gabe found an enduring love with each other, a love that left no room for past recriminations or regrets. Ms. Novak excels at creating realistic feelings for her characters and this book is no different. It is another treasure in the Dundee, Idaho series, a series which only continues to grow more emotional as the reader meets new characters.

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