By Lacey
Dec 1, 2008 - 8:37:57 AM

In running her family’s funeral home business, Funeral Home Director Grace Frawley must keep a certain demeanor, both discreet and professional when it came to business.  Her personal life was much of the same.  Between her family seeking certain expectations from her and her unsatisfied love life, Grace overhears a women conveniently named Mrs. Smith chatting about her business, a business that provides male companions to service the ladie’s needs, whatever they may be.


That was how she met Sam and Jack.  All she wanted was a stranger.  One she could safely “pick up” in a bar and take home for a wild night of raunchy sex.  But the “stranger” Mrs. Smith set up for her to meet was a no-show and she took Sam home instead.  Granted, he was an accident, but he fit the bill, better than she ever could have planned.

Jack, on the other hand, was the “real” stranger and the one she agreed to pay to live out her fantasies.  He is the one that gave her exactly the experience she paid for, the very reason she’d trusted Mrs. Smith’s agency for over three years.


But soon after meeting the two men, Sam, the real stranger, pops into her life again only this time as a client when his father passes away.  It’s the very last thing she expected, giving her reason enough to continue keeping her secret.  With one slip of the tongue her world could go up in flames and ruin her reputation and, ultimately, her business.


Megan Hart never fails to deliver a sexy read and STRANGER only proves that.  Grace set out to find a stranger to fulfill her fantasy and ends up with the wrong stranger who happens to be the “right” one.  I personally liked Jack’s character, and the way the author fit him into Grace’s world.  Sam, on the other hand, was charming and seductive.  STRANGER is definitely not a book to be missed.

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