Strangers In Paradise
By Missy Andrews
Jan 1, 2004 - 6:05:00 PM

What do you get when you take a workaholic female whose briefcase and wallet have just been stolen and plant her in sultry Key West, in a bar owned by the sexiest most carefree male alive? You get the deliciously witty and sexy CLUB CUPID by Stephanie Bond.

Frankie Jensen’s life is over, ruined, kaput. Her briefcase containing vital information on a current work project is stolen while her cruise ship is docked in Key West, Florida and unfortunately she has the only copy of the documents. If her cousin had not insisted on getting married on a cruise ship during a Valentines Cruise she could be back at work where she NEEDED to be instead of sitting in a bar fashioned like a Tiki hut praying for the policewoman to return with her belongings. The last thing she wanted or needed was a vacation, but since her briefcase contained the only copy of the documents she would probably be on a permanent one; unless it was found. Randy Tate knows right away that the pale, long legged redhead in his bar is a tourist but when she removes her big hat and sunglasses he is surprised by the sudden attraction he feels for her. And, he is absolutely stunned when he realizes that attraction is growing into a protective feeling that he has never before experienced. Too bad she is chomping at the bit to get back to the rat race that he swore he would never return to. Can this workaholic woman and this laid back man find happiness together or will they have to be content with their memories and knowing that the other person is where they want to be?

When I reviewed this story I did not read the "new" release. I actually re-read the original Temptation, which has been on my keeper shelf since its original release in 1999. Saying that it has maintained its place for the past five years when many have not is saying more than all of the adjectives in the world can. This story remains one of my all time favorites with an ending that is unique as well as heart-warming.

Francesca Donzinetti is starting to think that even though she was the first person to get voted off of the reality TV show Eligible Male, she just might get the "eligible male", Lucky Adams, after all. At first she is horrified to find that he is staying at Club Paradise where she is spending the remainder of the Florida vacation she won for being a contestant on the show. Francesca senses the chemistry between them but after a previous bad experience she is wary of men who are as good looking and charming as Lucky and plans to stay as far away from him as possible. Then Lucky does the one thing that will ensure she spend time with him and give him a chance to prove to her that he is a decent guy and is able to commit. He challenges her. VALENTINE VIXEN is an absolutely scrumptious story. Having met Lucky Adams in Joanne Rock’s October Blaze, GIRLS’S GUIDE TO HUNTING AND KISSING, I was anxious to see what kind of woman it would take to tame him. Francesca is practical, natural, honest, sassy and Lucky wants her so badly he aches. The electricity between the two sizzles and crackles throughout the whole story making it impossible to put down until the very end. However, there is one flaw in this otherwise perfect story; it is too short. Here’s hoping that we will see more of Francesca and Lucky as the Single in South Beach series continues.

STRANGERS IN PARADISE is a perfect book for January because when you open the pages you can turn the thermostat way way down. These two stories generate enough heat to keep you plenty warm on those frigid January days.

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