Streets of Fire Series: Born To Run
By jhayboy
Mar 4, 2009 - 5:28:36 AM

It’s that night of the week again - Friday, and where else would you find Sam Nielson, but sitting in a bar, where he and his two friends have been meeting as regularly as clock work for God knows how long?

This Friday night however, after all the good natured ribbing and nosy investigation, a surprise passes by their table in the shape of tall, dark and handsome Bobby Rodriguez, a new detective officer at South Bronx forty-first precinct, aptly coined – “Fort Apache” for its violent history.


Sam is an easy going guy and only goes after guys who are of the same mindset, when he finds himself partnered with Bobby in a high profile murder case there is no question about who’s in charge.


The attraction between the two is so strong however that they find it a challenge keeping their minds on the job. Once they get together the ground rules are quickly laid out and Sam is introduced to a new side of his sexuality – Bobby proves to him who is in charge - in the bedroom and Sam finds himself a little confused but also liking the direction that their relationship is going.


When their case takes a turn for the worst and the reality of what can be lost stares them in the face, decisions that were so hard before seems now to be so easy – but is it the decision that is expected?


I am a funny sort of reader and recently I find myself focusing on one author until I have exhausted all their work, before moving onto another one. My current fascination is with Jamie Hill. I have had the pleasure to have reviewed a few of Ms. Hill’s book and not only are they fun reads but she has a keen imagination in adding new twist and slants to age old plots and there is a sense of humor to her writing that I have come to expect, no matter which book I read by her.


Her latest outing BORN TO RUN, is one of those read, that feels familiar and predictable, but there is so much about this book that make it a brilliant follow up to DANCING IN THE DARK.


Sam Nielson is a cop, loving the pace of his life, the friends he has and the choices he can make when it comes to his night-time activities. Saying that meeting Bobby, the tall drink of water who walks into the bar, on one of his usual Friday meetings with his friends is a shock - would be an understatement.


Not only is Sam attracted to the visual aspect of the man, but he finds that Bobby has exactly what he has been looking for – the only problem, is letting his head and his heart accept this.


Bobby Rodriquez is the quintessential good guy, team player; loves kids and cuts a dash in a suit. He has one vital thing going for him and it’s his gentlemanly attitude - he wants Sam, but is willing to step back to allow Sam to either accept what he has to offer or run away from what he needs.


There is also the murder case that is aptly timed, as it highlights an area of society that is new to Sam, but is a path well travelled by Bobby and he treats the players with the courtesy they deserve.


I really love this book and in my opinion Ms. Hill has done something few authors have been able to do – she’s written a second book in a series that is actually better than her first. If I had to make a negative comment about this book – it’s that, this should have been longer – really, I had a good time meeting Bobby and Sam and I hated having to leave them so soon.


There is one partnerless person left out of this brotherhood of three and after reading his two friends stories I am eagerly awaiting Gills’ brush with love.

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