Strength in Numbers 2: Danger in Discovery
By Chrissy Dionne
Oct 8, 2007 - 4:43:23 AM

David Campbell has spent his adult life as a very lonely man.   He works long hard hours as a lawyer and tries to ignore his remembered love for Joy and Jason.   Seeing his son Sutter in a committed ménage a trios relationship drives home the fact that he misses the two people he’s loved most in his life.   Having Joy and Jason reenter his life after years of self-denial and fear of discovery throws his life into complete turmoil.   Admitting to his long buried desire for them puts the ‘safe comfortable’ life he’s built for himself at risk – or so he thinks.

Joy and Jason had been David’s lovers back in college - never as a ménage. In fact, David had tried to keep his relationship with David a secret but Joy had her suspicions.   Years later, Joy and Jason have become lovers but they aren’t complete without David.   They’re all older and much wiser now but overcoming David’s self protective barriers isn’t going to be easy and it’s quite possible that they’ll all be hurt in the long run – but if not, the loving will be so worth it.


David’s determination to destroy his son’s ménage a trois relationship lead to Kendall’s uncovering the secret from David’s past which he’d thought was long buried.   He’s determined to continue with the life he’s built for himself but that doesn’t stop the longing he feels for his former lovers.  


Joy and Jason are fully aware that David is scared of the emotional attachment he feels for them, but that doesn’t stop them from their mission to seduce him into allowing them back into his life.   It’s obvious that David is not going to cave in to his desire for Joy and Jason on his own, so they get a little inventive and use a homemade video to entice him to join them.   It works but then Joy realizes that David is trying to keep his relationship with them secret.   Joy and Jason long to be able to publicly show their love for David but he’s got longstanding issues and fears that aren’t going to be easy to overcome.   Joy and Jason aren’t interested in being delegated as David’s “when it’s convenient” lovers - for them, it’s all or nothing!   Will David ever be willing to risk his professional life for a chance at happiness in his private life?   Is there any hope of a happily ever after for this trio?


I believe out of all the books in this series, DANGER IN DISCOVERY may very well be my favorite.   I developed a real fondness for David in DOUBLE JEOPARDY and couldn’t help but wonder why he’d be so closed-minded toward his own son’s menage relationship.    Rachel Bo delves into his character so that you not only understand him better, but you empathize with his reasoning.   Joy and Jason are wonderful characters whose happiness with each other radiates off the pages and yet there’s no denying that their love for David is just as strong as their love for each other.


Rachel Bo’s STRENGTH IN NUMBERS series turned out to be far more intense and involved then I expected when I first picked up this series but I’ve loved every passion-filled page.

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