Strength in Numbers: ReDiscovery
By Chrissy Dionne
Oct 8, 2007 - 2:46:29 AM

If you’ve read the second book in Rachel Bo’s STRENGTH IN NUMBERS -DANGER IN DISCOVERY then you might just be wondering what happened with Jason, Joy and David after their story ended.   Well, I’m pleased to tell you that they’re still together and just as adventurous and loving in this interlude of a story as they were when we first met them.

It’s been a full year since Jason and Joy became permanent fixtures in David’s life, home and bed.   David’s lifestyle would generally have meant going somewhere stuffy where they’d all dress up and have to be on their best behavior.   That’s why it comes as a huge surprise to both Joy and Jason that he’s selected their favorite pub and bowling afterwards as the way to celebrate their anniversary.   Before leaving for the evening they exchange gifts and soon all have new naughty toys to experiment with which they chose to try out during their outing.  


Dinner goes as planned and they all have a wonderful time but it’s once they’re at the bowling alley that the games begin - and not all of them involve bowling balls or pins!   None of them are fully prepared for the effects of the sexual toys or the toll those effects have on their bowling scores.   Of course, sometimes the actual game the public sees you playing isn’t nearly as much fun as the hidden one where nobody is keeping score.


At only twenty-two pages, REDISCOVERY is a very quick read which whets our curiosity for the much beloved trio we met in DANGER IN DISCOVERY.   Yes I do highly recommend picking up Joy, David and Jason’s first story but then again I’d recommend all the stories in this series.   They’re fun, emotional and absolutely irresistible. For me, REDISCOVERY reaffirmed how perfect this trio is for each other, but it also gave me hope for having a happy, healthy and fun sex life after the age of fifty.

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