Strictly Business

Author: Rita Hestand

Publisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing

Release Date: June 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Kia Giavonni does not believe her boss has asked her to marry him. He has to be out of his mind. Does she believe what she is hearing?  Is he really trying to insult her?  She slaps him and the smell of peppermint confuses her, and he is shocked she would hit him. He is her Boss!! The man who pays her salary.

Joseph Cunningham III did not mean to offend Kia and apologizes. What is going on? What is this sensual, arrogant man doing to her thoughts?  He is thought of as a playboy and may be the smartest man she knows, but he is too much like her father; ambitious, powerful, with a little bit of greed.  But he is very serious. He intends to inherit what is rightfully his, but he needs a wife who will not fall in love with him and Kia suits him just perfectly. Only for one year. That's all he asks for. Kia is extremely independent and looks like a tomboy. Joe does not know that she cleans up really well.

Kia has been dating Norman Wilkes , the accountant, for two years now, but does Joe let them be or  interfere with their romance?  You can bet your sweet bippie he does, with some hilarious results.  Joe is definitely arrogant and Kia is a woman who believes in her causes and stands up to him. 

STRICTLY BUSINESS is a wonderful novel by Rita Hestand .  I thoroughly enjoyed it because the heroine stands up to the hero, and matches him nose to nose. There are challenges between these two from page one, right up until the end.  STRICTLY BUSINESS is a little more sensual than her other books, so if you're looking for an extremely interesting love story, then STRICTLY BUSINESS should be put on your reading list. You will not regret it.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Phyllis Ingram

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