Strike Zone
By Sarah W
Apr 1, 2008 - 12:46:19 PM

Taylor Hannah loves the thrills, chills, and heck, even the spills of extreme sports and wild adventures. As a guide for Thrill Seekers, the company Taylor runs with her younger sister, Taylor is always facing danger and adrenaline rushes. But that comes to a halt when she sees the engagement announcement of her ex-fiancé, Richmond Rogues baseball player, Brek Stryker. Taylor left Brek at the altar three years ago, an act of desperation she has always regretted. Stryke's engagement is the only thing that could send Taylor running back home, and that is exactly what she does.

Stryke is flummoxed when he sees the Rogues mascot acting very strange. When he realizes just who is hidden in the costume, his stomach dives and the normally strong man feels on edge and off kilter. Taylor Hannah, the woman he loved so much that she went running right out of his arms. He is still hurting and determined to ignore her efforts to make things right between them. But how long can he hold out against the woman who still holds his heart, no matter how much he wishes to deny otherwise?


Eve Hannah may not be a daredevil like her older sister, but she still has a strong zest for life. She longs to find a man who will love her and want to share a joyful life together, but she knows that man is definitely not playboy, and proud of it, Sloan McCaffrey. But this is one Rogue who is not afraid of the cold shoulder. He is determined to help Eve loosen up. Will he also lose his heart to her in the process?


STRIKE ZONE is the third book in Kate Angell's Boys of Summer baseball series. Like its predecessors, there is not a strike out to be found in these pages. As always, love, respect, and laughter are key parts of the romance. Stryke is frankly sizzling sex appeal. It is hard to believe Taylor left him, but at the same time, for all her fearlessness when it comes to adventures, Taylor has some major fears about love and relationships. Angell does a nice job of exploring those fears and giving Taylor and Stryke a chance to heal. At the opposite end of the relationship spectrum is Sloan, a man who definitely does not want to settle down. But a duck, a group of senior citizens, and the beguiling Eve do a lot to change his mind. At times, you may want to smack him on the head, but his heart is definitely in the right place. Kate Angell forces her characters to confront their fears, doubts, and hidden places, and none of them strike out.


Romance and America's favorite pastime prove to be a winning combination in the satisfying and sexy STRIKE ZONE!

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