By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 1, 2005 - 10:54:00 PM

Kitty Bradshaw is in desperate need of money. Rent is due and her job at New Age Wonders doesn’t pay enough to cover all her expenses. Performing a strip-o-gram, which will pay $500 and cover her bills makes perfect sense, she wasn’t expecting the man she is hired to perform for to be the same man she had made out with at a Christmas party she attended.

Nathan Guillaume is a bigwig at Vanishing Breed. He’s a stickler for the company no-dating policy and has earned himself an enemy because of it. The big guys will not be happy to find out he has a stripper in his office. The only other time he’s been this turned on was at the company Christmas party . . . and he hadn’t even gotten her name. Kitty’s friend, Sandra is out to get Nathan in trouble with both the company they work for and the employee she believes he’s seeing. She’s determined to expose his secret relationship and she hires Kitty to achieve her goal. Kitty is surprised the bigwig she’s supposed to humiliate isn’t an old uptight man who was supposed to have a heart attack at the sight of her, she wasn’t prepared to come face to face with the same man from the Christmas party. She’s wearing a mask so maybe he won’t realize it’s her. To top it all off, Sandra said the offices were enclosed, she failed to mention that the walls were glass. She thought she’d be doing a performance for one, instead, the entire floor would be able to watch the show. Instead of being horrified by Kitty’s performance, Nathan can’t believe somebody likes him enough to send him a birthday present this great. His ÞAngel” has everything he likes in a woman. There’s something very familiar about her though. STRIP-O-GRAM is a wonderfully fun, feel good story with an amusing plot. I loved getting the opportunity to "see" inside the minds of the characters. The office scene is highly amusing, it’s so easy to imagine the scene in your mind you’ll find yourself smiling your way through it. STRIP-O-GRAM is definitely a story well worth reading, it’s not very long but it is memorable. This is Ellie Marvel’s first published story and I hope to see more from her in the future.

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