Strip Search
By Natasha Smith
Mar 24, 2006 - 9:20:00 PM

Mark Sullivan has been recruited by his brother-in-law, as a favor to the FBI, to infiltrate a Vegas nightclub. It seems that one of the agents already in place hasn't been heard from in three months and the feds want to send in a civilian to see what is happening. There is just one catch...the nightclub in question is actually a male strip club run by a supposed Mafia boss' niece. Mark's assignment? He is to get close to the niece and then get into her computer; two things Mark knows he is qualified to handle. He is a bit unsure about the male dancer role he will have to assume but agrees anyway. Mark decides that getting close to the niece will not be a hardship since looking at her photograph instantly garnered his attention.

Nicki DiStefano needs a new dancer and she needs him now! The men she has been auditioning just aren't what she is looking for. Figuring the next dancer trying out will be another loser, she settles in for a boring afternoon. Watching Mark walk through the curtain and onto the stage, Nicki can't believe her eyes! Before her is a living, breathing Adonis and her curiosity gets the best of her.  Mark Gabriel doesn't have a resume,  but what he does have is a wonderful set of pectorals and the best looking dimples she has ever seen. During their interview, Nicki questions Mark on his ability to flirt with the female customers and Mark tries out his skills on Nicki. She almost falls under his spell and finally agrees to see Mark dance. And dance he does! Hot and bothered after the audition ends and desperately trying not to show it, Nicki calmly tells Mark she will be in touch.

Feeling extremely smug, Mark knows he has her. All he has to do now is get Nicki to trust him, and his job is done. Mark doesn't count on the feelings Nicki stirs inside him, nor does he count on her stubbornness to fight what she feels for him. To add fuel to the fire, there is the small matter of trying to find who is doctoring Nicki’s books and transferring huge amounts of money to bogus accounts. While Mark doesn't want Nicki to be guilty of such devious crimes, he doesn't put anything past her or her family. Confusion reigns, however, when things begin to happen to endanger Nicki almost immediately after Mark arrives.

STRIP SEARCH kept me spellbound and on the edge of my seat from the time I started reading it until I read the very last word. As far as heroes go, Mark Sullivan has to be one of my favorites. He was burned by his ex-wife and still leery of females, but his attraction to Nicki couldn’t be denied. Nicki, on the other hand, is one stubborn but loyal heroine. I can't blame her for either since she knows that the employees and her club depend on her. This aside, the chemistry between Mark and Nicki is undeniable and makes for an extremely torrid affair that will leave readers sweating! Add in the elements of intrigue, suspense, and downright surprise, and I was hooked.

STRIP SEARCH, as far as novels go, really delivers. I couldn't put it down. As a sequel to BOUND AND DETERMINED, Shelley Bradley has created a fast paced, highly erotic story that will leave readers wanting more. I highly recommend STRIP SEARCH to any and all readers and I look forward to reading more books by Shelley Bradley.

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