Strip Tease
By Chrissy Dionne
Nov 13, 2006 - 9:36:00 AM

Caroline Richards is looking for a stripper to help liven up her friend Mollie’s upcoming bachelorette party. Unfortunately the only local strip club for women doesn’t appear to have any male specimens worth hiring. She’s just about given up hope when a very likely prospect takes the stage in a faux police uniform. She just knows that he’d be perfect for the job. Everything seems to go perfectly when she finally approaches him - right up until he slips the handcuffs on her and informs her that she’s under arrest for solicitation.

Tony DiMarco has been ‘working’ at Strippendale’s for two months gathering evidence that will prove there are illegal activities taking place there. He’s accomplished his goal and now it’s time for the big bust. The last thing he expects is to be approached by a woman who obviously doesn’t belong there and turns him on more than he cares to admit, only she isn’t looking for a date. She wants to know if he’s available and how much he charges. It’s only after the damage is done that Tony realizes that he’s made a huge mistake.

Caroline had to call Mollie to pick her up from the jail where she’d been transported after her arrest. Being arrested for solicitation is humiliating enough but what makes it all worse for Mollie is the media learned about the bust and showed up to record as much as they could. Once Mollie arrives, Caroline wants nothing more than to get away from the jail as quickly as possible. Instead ‘Officer Friendly’ as Caroline’s dubbed Tony, waylays her escape to apologize for his blunder. His apology isn’t going to salvage her reputation or her fledgling career in massage therapy, especially once her clients see her face on the news in connection with the bust of a prostitution ring.

Tony is horrified that he wrongly arrested the first woman he’s been attracted to in a very long time. She had obviously been interested in him before the arrest. Maybe in a couple of days she’ll cool down enough to be interested in seeing him again (in or out of clothes). Tony feels responsible for the fact that Caroline’s business is suffering because of his mistake but he has an idea to help her rebuild her clientele. Is Caroline going to be willing to accept his help? And will she ever be willing to see him on a personal level?

STRIP TEASE is a thoroughly enjoyable story that readers will smile their way through. I absolutely love the determined spirit that both characters possess and the playful banter that exists throughout the storyline. Even though they didn’t meet under the best of circumstances, Caroline isn’t one to hold a grudge and Tony is very thankful for that, especially when he finds out just how good she is with her hands. Kate Davis does a beautiful job depicting Tony and Caroline’s vulnerabilities and quirks so that you feel like you’ve known them forever.

Watch for Ms. Davies’ story HOME FOR CHRISTMAS to appear in the Samhain 2007 Christmas Anthology.

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