Stroke Of Midnight

Author: Carly Phillips, Janelle Denison, Jacquie D'Alessandro

Publisher: Onyx

Release Date: October 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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MIDNIGHT ANGEL by Carly Phillips tells the story of Dylan a hometown boy who has made it big in Hollywood as an actor, but he comes home for the one woman he has always wanted.

MEET ME AT MIDNIGHT by Janelle Denison is Shayne and Alyssa's story of two friends finding out that there is much more than just friendship between them and what happens when they act on it.


Finally there is MINE AT MIDNIGHT by Jacquie D'Alessandro, which is the tale of Merrie and Tom and what happens when a man that's all seriousness meets a woman that's his complete opposite.


STROKE OF MIDNIGHT is an anthology by three awesome authors who penned wonderful stories of new beginnings at the beginning of a new year.  All three stories are exciting and romantic with heroes and heroines you won' t soon forget.  The different plots reach out to grab you and sends you on an emotional roller coaster with the characters. This book makes the perfect holiday read and a great gift to give or receive. 

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Angel

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