Stroke of Midnight

Author: Jamie Denton

Publisher: Harlequin Blaze

Release Date: December 2003

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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A blonde, a brunette and a redhead all walk into a bar . . . no this is not the beginning of a joke but the beginning of a super hot Blaze anthology by Jamie Denton, Carrie Alexander and Nancy Warren entitled STROKE OF MIDNIGHT. These three women are all at the most elite New Years Eve party in New York City but for reasons that are as different as their personalities and hair color they are alone at midnight. And since they all plan to remain free and single they agree to meet back at the same time and place next year.

In IMPULSIVE Ms. Denton introduces us to fashion reporter Natalie Trent and former Navy SEAL Joe Sebastian. On the night that Natalie first meets Isabel Parisi and Arianne Sorenson she has also met the man of her dreams. Unfortunately he disappears without a trace leaving her disillusioned and strengthening her belief that there is no prince charming, only frogs. Joe instantly recognizes Natalie as the woman who has haunted his dreams for the past year when he sees her at the New Year’s Eve bash of his old college roommate Rafe Monticello the following year. He hates more than anything the way he had to leave her last year, but when duty called he had to answer. Now that he is no longer in the military his time is his own and he intends to start spending every spare minute with the unforgettable Natalie. That is, providing she remembers him and will forgive him.

ENTICING by Carrie Alexander is the story of Isabel Parisi who uses her bad girl image to keep people from getting too close to her, everyone except Tom Grace. She and Tom began an online correspondence several months ago when he, a furniture designer, contacted her about using some of her fabrics on his designs. The business relationship gradually morphed into a friendship in which Isabel felt safe in letting Tom get to know the real her that no one else knew. However, when Tom wanted to take the relationship to the next level by actually meeting, she became adamant about keeping it strictly online. Tom is just as determined to make her realize that even though he knows all of her inner secrets he still cares about her. So when he realizes where she is going to be on New Years Eve, he gets his hands on his own invitation and sweeps her off her feet in true fairy tale fashion. But what will happen once Isabel realizes that Tom is her prince charming?

Nancy Warren’s TANTALIZING is the tale of straight-laced, penny pinching, practical accountant, Arianne Sorenson and Italian businessman Rafe Monticello. Arianne has had a thing for Rafe ever since she became his accountant but knows that the ultra rich, womanizing playboy will never look twice at her. He goes through women like most people go through tissues and when she loves, it is deep and lasting. But when Rafe teases her about not being spontaneous or adventurous, the vixen inside her suddenly decides to show him just how spontaneous she can be. This is something that Rafe is determined to take full advantage of because he has been trying to show her for the past year how much he wants her. Now that Arianne has let her inner vixen out, will she be brave enough to let her stay out when Rafe makes it clear that he wants more from her than one night?

There is nothing about this book that I didn’t like. The friendship between the three women is heartwarming, the romance is hot and the action takes place simultaneously so you see some of each story in every story. These three talented ladies have created a book that is a perfect New Year’s Eve romance where three very special friends are blessed with three very happy endings.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Missy Andrews

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