Stroke of Midnight

Author: Carly Phillips, Janelle Denison, and Jacquie D'Alessandro

Publisher: New American Publishing

Release Date: October 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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MEET ME AT MIDNIGHT by Janelle Denison


Dylan North has come back to his home town to try to rekindle his romance with his high school love. He knows that he has much to answer for, especially for the way he left. He's ashamed of the way he left but knows that they wouldn't be the people they are, or accomplished what they have, if he hadn't left.

Dr. Holly Evans can't believe that Dylan is back. Holly is still troubled over his abrupt departure from her life. She had been planning for their future together when he skipped town and only left her a letter. Holly is unwilling to trust him again with her heart for fear that he'll leave again.


Now they have to work towards a future together, if they can reconcile their past and move on.



MEET ME AT MIDNIGHT by Janelle Denison


Shane Witmer has known his best friend Alyssa since they were five and has been attracted to her for a good number of years. Shane has been unwilling to risk their relationship by pursuing her, but has decided to throw caution to the wind when Alyssa informs him of her intent of finding a meaningful relationship for herself.


Alyssa Harte has decided to stop comparing everyone to her best friend Shane since she can't have him, without risking their friendship. She decides to instead find a man she can be happy with. She is more than surprised when the love she's looking for, turns out to be closer than she thought.


Now if they can both take a chance on each other, then they may just get what they most desire.



MINE AT MIDNIGHT by Jacquie D'alessandro


Merrie Langston is an enigma to Tony Farrell. She lives in a world of chaos and disorder that he finds incompatible with his orderly world. But when she asks him for his help to play Santa at a party she organized, he realizes that maybe he needs a little disorder in his life.


Merrie is unsure of the attraction she feels for her straight laced accountant. But she is willing to give their romance a chance and knows it will work out, if Tom will just loosen up a bit.



The STROKE OF MIDNIGHT anthology is a fantastic read that contains three wonderful stories that are sure to appeal to readers. MIDNIGHT ANGEL by Carly Phillips, explores the love that is sometimes carelessly handled but stays with people for years to come; it also motivates people to pursue a second chance. MEET ME AT MIDNIGHT by Janelle Denison is a wonderful tale of childhood friends who have finally decided to stop holding back their feelings for each other and risk their hearts on one another. MINE AT MIDNIGHT by Jacquie D'alessandro is all about the great force of opposites attracting and the wonderful madness that can result from such a union. These three ladies are talented writers who don't fail to draw readers into their stories and whose terrific writing's earn their characters a place in readers hearts.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Alexis

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