By Dottie
Mar 12, 2011 - 5:06:31 PM

Darcy Dennison, a book reviewer, has a very noisy upstairs neighbor in her apartment building. She did not understand how an artist could make so much noise. Her loss of sleep from her nightly sessions to meet her deadline has not helped. Unable to stand the noise a moment longer, she returns the favor by hitting her ceiling several times, but the only result is the ceiling plaster hitting her on her head. Furious, she no longer cares how hunky her neighbor is.

Paolo, an artist, is Darcy’s gorgeous Italian neighbor. He is in the States on a year-long work visa. Once the year is up, he has to go home to Italy and marry a girl he does not love in a marriage arranged by his family. Paolo paints nude models. However, with his weak English, he had not been too clear to his latest model. When he asked her to remove her clothes, she became furious and started throwing things before quitting, stomping off and brushing by Darcy, who was on her way to investigate.

After Paolo explains his problem to Darcy, she agrees to take the model’s place, figuring she can read her review books as she models in the nude for him. However, between her nudity and the sparks flying between the two, things become rather heated quickly…that is, until his fiancée makes an appearance at a crucial moment. Darcy had not even known he was engaged and she always made it a habit not to intrude on someone else’s territory. Will Paolo be able to talk his way out of his predicament? When his feelings for Darcy deepen, he has a big decision to make. Leaving behind his fiancée will change everything he has even known. Will he have to choose between Darcy and his family?

Scorching hot, STROKES is an extremely sensual and witty erotic contemporary romance. The chemistry between Darcy and Paolo explodes upon their meeting and continues to blaze throughout the story. Darcy is a more modern girl whereas Paolo comes from a small Italian town where marriages are arranged and not usually based on love. When their worlds collide, nothing will ever be the same again.  A fast-paced story, delightfully infused with humor, graphic descriptions, red-hot sex and tender romance, STROKES is a great afternoon’s escape.  I recommend STROKES to those looking for a great read with plenty of spice.

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