Strong and Sexy
By Dana
Dec 9, 2007 - 8:02:34 AM

Dani Peterson is a woman who doesn’t care about money or social position. She loves her meager income as a zoologist and her small comfortable apartment. Spending time with her animals is more important and preferred to spending time at snobby parties. As the daughter of one of the richest women in the area, her mother is greatly disappointed in Dani’s lack of enthusiasm for the finer social graces. Unfortunately, Dani is roped into attending a party thrown in her mother’s honor. Hopefully, she can make a brief appearance and leave early. However, a broken high heel and a near fall impedes her escape.



Shayne Mahoney is the owner of Sky High, a very luxurious and top-notch air line. He has the image of a playboy, never dating the same woman more than twice. He rubs elbows with the most elite clientele, but he is getting bored with the same carbon copy women. When Shayne sees an unpolished breath of fresh air across the room, he is immediately captivated - especially as he watches this beauty nearly fall in the middle of the room.

Shayne just has to meet this woman. He is not experienced with rejection and is intrigued when Dani brushes him off. When he sees her head toward the coat closet, he decides to catch her unaware. Their first kiss is dynamite, and he is surprised when she turns and runs away into the pouring rain. He certainly does not expect her to return dripping wet, cling to him like a second skin and begin ranting about a murder she just witnessed.

After someone takes a shot at Dani, Shayne’s protective instincts come alive, and he just can not let her walk out of his life. They are total opposites but are unable to resist the strong sexual pull towards each other. The longer they are together, the stronger their attraction grows until it becomes more than physical lust. Their hearts begin to get involved.

STRONG AND SEXY is a great read!! I love the mixture of humor throughout this book. Dani is a regular, unsophisticated character who represents many women, and you can imagine yourself in the many hilarious and embarrassing situations in which she finds herself. If you want a good laugh, suspense, and steamy romance, this book is for you.

Jill Shalvis is a very talented author, and I am combing the shelves for the previous release SMART AND SEXY. I look forward to her future books!!


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