Stronger Than Sin
By Suzie Housley
Nov 15, 2010 - 5:19:13 AM

Dr. Liliana Carrera has taken a personal interest in learning all about the gene therapy practiced by Wardwell scientists.  Her sister-in-law suffered at the hands of these mad men and almost lost her life to their sadist experiments.  Liliana is determined that no one should have to suffer the horrific consequences they see as being healed.

Jesse Bradford professional athlete career ended soon after he was diagnosed with a bone degeneration condition. In desperation of trying to regain his fame and glory, he agrees to undergo a highly experimental gene treatment provided by Wardwell.


The FBI learns of Jesse and the treatment he has received from Wardwell.  They bring him to Liliana so that she will be able to analyze the extent of the gene treatment that he has received.  Liliana fears that if she is successful in reversing the gene procedure Jesse has received, he then will suffer the consequences of his original disease.


There are those that are intent on ensuring that Liliana research study comes to a grinding halt.  They will let no one stand in their way to making sure their plans are successful, no matter how many lives it will cost.


Caridad Pineiro has written a real page turner!  From the moment you read page one you will find yourself automatically hooked.  STRONGER THAN SIN will be one book that is assured to keep you up past your bedtime.  I eagerly await the next installment of this highly addictive author.  For anyone who has a true appreciation for how a paranormal romance should be written then I definitely recommend you pick up a copy of STRONGER THAN SIN and rush home to read it.

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