Stud Muffin Wanted

Author: Lena Matthews

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: August 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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At almost thirty-five years old, Karon Bower is fed up with her staid sex life. She just ended a five year relationship that wasn’t going anywhere, and wasn’t satisfying her sexually. When she takes a quiz in a magazine and discovers to her horror that she’s barely engaged in any of the activities in the quiz, Karon sets a goal. She makes a list of all the fun and sexy intimate activities she wants to partake of. Now, she just needs to find the perfect candidate.

When Tristan Dodson overhears Karon discussing her lack of a sex life, he’s agog that such an attractive and sensual woman hasn’t experienced the wonders of oral sex. Tristan has longed to get to know Karon better for awhile now, but her previous relationship stopped him. Now that he knows she’s available, willing, and interested, he’s stepping up to the plate. He’ll be her stud muffin. But can he show her that he wants to be more than just the guy who helps her with her list? Tristan wants to be the guy who goes the distance and wins Karon’s heart. Will he succeed?


Lena Matthews is an author who consistently creates strong and determined female protagonists. Karon is no different. She’s worked hard to get her real estate firm off the ground; she’s got a comfortable living, good friends, and for the most part is confident with her image. Karon’s determination to go after the elusive and fun sex she has been missing is equally amusing and true to her character. She’s a bit embarrassed about the list at first, but then she really starts to get into it and enjoys what the list is doing to her life. Lots of fun and racy sex, a hot man like Tristan in her life, and she’s feeling very good. I liked how Karon truly wasn’t afraid to go after sex. She wasn’t raunchy about it; rather, she was determined to finally experience it all. Tristan is a playful, caring, and truly sexy man. Together, they have some pretty combustible chemistry that sets the pages to flames. Lena Matthews has penned another keeper. A confident and sexual woman who gets the star treatment in the bedroom from a guy who is very swoon worthy. Sounds like the winning ingredients to the perfect read!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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