Studs for Hire: Woman in Charge

Author: Sherry James

Publisher: Black Velvet Seductions

Release Date: December 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5


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Casey Burrows is short on luck.  As co-owner of Studs for Hire, she has to convince Alex Roy, a genius carpenter, to remodel an eccentric widow’s mansion in order to keep her small business afloat.  However, convincing this rugged construction worker to go from building his classy timber homes to remodeling a mansion with the Elvis theme is going to be a challenge.

Alex knew there was more to Casey Burrows than what they discussed over the phone. What she asked of him is impossible, not to mention his last business association with a woman left him penniless and heartbroken.  Nevertheless, Alex cannot deny he needs the paycheck or that he has a liking for the King of Rock and Roll himself.

The more they work together, the more Alex and Casey find themselves attracted to one another.  Alex is afraid of the past repeating itself and Casey is a workaholic with a predictable life that does not include a man.  Will these two keep their relationship strictly business? On the other hand, will they risk their heart one more time for a chance at love that only comes once in a lifetime?

STUDS FOR HIRE: WOMAN IN CHARGE is a fresh tale. The characters are likable from the beginning, keeping the reader interested in the progression of their story.  I also like the ‘Rock n Roll Elvis’ theme the author added into the plot.  For a classic tale that defines what romance should be, STUDS FOR HIRE: WOMAN IN CHARGE is the book for you.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Lacey

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