Sturgis Rally Riders, Book 3 – Public Adoration (the Edge Series)
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 20, 2012 - 12:35:01 PM

Sturgis, South Dakota hosts the largest motorcycle rally in the world.  For one week each year bikers, tattoo artists, vendors, and other fans of the motorcycle lifestyle descend on the town and the results are as wild as the people are varied.


Jonas Wright had hoped that the time they spend at Sturgis would help him and his wife Connie to reconnect.  Unfortunately it’s not exactly going the way he’d hoped.  Connie’s gone through some difficult time with her mother’s cancer and eventual death and then a bout with depression.  To top it all off, she’s gained quite a bit of weight and her self-esteem has suffered because of it – so has their marriage for that matter.

Just when it seems that Connie’s self-image couldn’t possibly get any worse she overhears a comment about her “… fat ass” and she tears up.  Jonas is furious and is ready to crush vital parts of the biker’s anatomy with his steel toe boots but then he learns that they hadn’t heard everything that biker had said.  It turns out that the biker actually thinks Connie has a beautiful rear-end.  His comment was just crass.  However, it’s that statement that gives Jonas an idea about how he can help Connie regain her sense of pride and view her body as beautiful – and not ‘fat.’  The trouble is that Jonas isn’t exactly sure how Connie will respond to his PUBLIC ADORATION.  It could fix everything between them or destroy them altogether.


While I enjoyed all the titles in the STURGIS RALLY RIDERS series I think PUBLIC ADORATION is my favorite.  It’s obvious that Jonas and Connie love each other but her insecurities are causing a serious rift between them.  Her unhappiness with her body image is something most women can relate to – and Jonas does men proud by loving everything about her including her curvier figure.  L.C. Dean brings this couple’s problems and the wildness and beauty associated with the Sturgis area to life with this story and makes it obvious to the reader that she really loves this particular area of South Dakota.


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