Sturgis Rally Riders, Book 1 – Runaway Virgin (the Edge Series)
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 20, 2012 - 12:40:24 PM

Sturgis, South Dakota hosts the largest motorcycle rally in the world.  For one week each year bikers, tattoo artists, vendors, and other fans of the motorcycle lifestyle descend on the town and the results are as wild as the people are varied.


Neva Falk has one goal in mind for the time she spends at the motorcycle rally – lose her virginity.  With a police chief for a father and four overprotective brothers she’s found it extremely difficult to be herself and experiment.  Sneaking across the country and working a bar during bike week provides her with a sense of freedom – and the opportunity to lose her virginity to a man who her father would never approve.   

Like many of the other motorcycle riders, Grant Larson is in Sturgis to be with like-minded people.  What he didn’t expect was to become captivated by the girl working the bar wearing a Catholic school uniform.  Oh, it’s not the uniform that’s doing it for him; it’s the young woman sporting it and the innocent way she moves.  Certainly it has to be an act but that doesn’t stop his body from responding to her.


Neva might have come to Sturgis with a particular goal in mind but none of the men she’s waited on has captured her interest the way the gorgeous biker standing by the post watching her does.  No one knows her in Sturgis and her watchdog family and their well-meaning friends are halfway across the country.  Neva’s ready to play and she’s hopeful that Mr. Tall, Dark and Sexy has the same sort of idea.  Apparently he does because he shows up to give her a ride after work.  That motorcycle ride might have to wait though because they have other things on their minds.  When nerves get the better of her Grant begins to wonder if there’s some problem he should know about…


RUNAWAY VIRGIN by L.C. Dean touches on all those wild instincts and insecurities women go through when they’re about to go ‘all the way.’  Neva’s innocent yet naughty reactions to Grant are hot and there are some rather risqué sexual activities that occur which made me a bit envious.  Grant seems like the bad boy next door type – only he’s sporting leather and rides a motorcycle – a decidedly delicious combination! 


L.C. Dean does a brilliant job bringing the Sturgis motorcycle rally to life for those of us who have never been there.  The crowds, the sights, even the smells seem to permeate through the author’s words so the reader can feel a part of it.  This is a fun and sexy read that brings a smile to the reader’s face through the antics of the characters.


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